Conceptual Modelling

Conceptual Modelling, I love it – conceptual modelling is looking at a particular problem through a kaleidoscope view finding many differing solutions to a problem. When given a task of giant proportions (or even small proportions) which are too big to even comprehend, breaking information down into sizable sections allowed me to see many perspectives at a given time.  I was able to go through information jotting down will this work or will that work rather quickly thus eliminating the stand outs ideas that will just not work.

Conceptual modelling gave me back some hope into completing this course. Drawings, pictures and short little sentences or even dot points are my way to learn.  When trying to solve any problem not only with ICT, conceptual modelling can show where your strengths and weakness’ lie.

Students also love conceptual modelling as they can see the problem being solved in front of their eyes and can begin to understand the complex nature of problem based learning.

This is a great little clip, please click the image.

Conceptual modelling
(Teacherthought, 2016)

Sometimes to solve a problem you first need to understand what do you and do not know about the problem.


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