Trouble shooting in the classroom


So far this particular ICT unit has allowed me to understand the vast array of information that is available worldwide which has closed the gap on distance and time now not being an excuse to not know.

ICT in theory and in a university environment where you have everything is a fantastic and a wonderful idea and you can see the benefits that it has for students. Jess’s blog has more great insights into the wonderful world of ICT

However, when you get to the classroom be prepared for things to change. Due to funding and other policy and procedures schools will have a wide and varied range of what technology a teacher will have what access to. Ways to get around these problems is booking in advance  pre-loading programs and software, making sure students are familiar with usernames and passwords and giving them step and step instruction and demonstrations on how to use particular software and  programs.  Whilst students are often whizzes on social media and gaming sites they often need help to learn everyday word processing program.

Click on the image below for a short clip on teaching word processing.

(Customer Computer Service and Repairs, n.d.)



Custom Computer Service and Repairs. (n.d.) (Image). Retrieved from

Wimer, R. (2011, March 11). Basic word processing using word 2007 for beginners: Topic #1 the menu[Video file]. Video posted


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