ICT and Anti-social Behaviours

Another fascinating side to the ICT dilemma is that people are becoming anti-social, is this fact or fiction?

Fact is people are still communicating with people. Fact, anti-social means averse to the society of others (merriam-webster, 2015). Fiction, if people are still communicating with people then where is the antisocial behaviour?

It seems as though the more people invent things the more people want to remain with old views. Each time a new discovery or invention takes place there are people who completely reject the idea and find as many ways as possible to find fault.  There are the people who may accept a very small section of the change and reject the rest. There are people who dive head first into the new discovery make so many wrong judgements that they then turn away, next we have the people who are always looking forward and to the excitement that the future brings.  We must remember that we are educating our children for work in the future world.  What this looks like nobody knows but what we do know that we need to look carefully at the invention, check out the benefits and think about the best ways to implement the technology into society.

For further reading this article on Social Inclusion through ICT is thought provoking.

Emma’s blog also has some wonderful insights into ICT and education.


Merriam-Webster. (2015). Anti-social. Retrieved March 16, 2016, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/antisocial

Taylor, D., & Packham, G. (2016).  Social inclusion through ICT: identifying and overcoming barriers to ICT use. Strat Change, 25, 45–60. doi: 10.1002/jsc.2046


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