With so much talk about ICT and children using all sorts of up to date technology and being digital natives are their children who do not have access to ICT?

I was reading Monique’s blog which was thoroughly enjoyable titled “using technology throughout my day”. I then wondered about the amount of time that is spent learning, reading or interacting with someone through various ICT mediums. I remembered the posts about digital natives which had me thinking again so I went in search for reports about children who do not have access to technology nor do they have the internet or home computers.

I know personally within my street there are at least 3 homes of school age children who do not have any such ICT technology. I stumbled across this great read on the subject written by Alexandra Smith in 2014.  I wonder about the teaching and learning of ICT for these children as the only place they get to use ICT is in the school environment, will they be disadvantaged?


Smith, A. (2014). National curriculum undermined by 1 in 5 students not having the internet at home. Retrieved March 23, 2106, from http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/national-curriculum-undermined-by-1-in-5-students-not-having-the-internet-at-home-20140331-35u8u.html


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