Week 4 – Unit Plan

Firstly, a Unit Plan what’s this? In education this is basically encompasses weekly lesson plans (what is taught on a day to day basis) into an overarching idea say of Mapping in the Maths curriculum.  A unit plan can run for a few weeks or can be extended over many weeks when teaching a very detailed subject area.

At this stage my unit plan will be based on the Australian Curriculum Year 5 Maths subject area.  During the learning process students will acquire map reading and interpreting skills then combined these skills into conducting a Search and Rescue mission.  Students will be required to interact with others, use a variety of different maps, whilst using ICT in order to complete their mission.

Constructing knowledge:

  • Students recall various information placed on a map
  • Students can use directional language appropriately
  • Students describe landmarks
  • Students can find a location using a grid reference.

Transforming knowledge:

  • Students can create a grid reference system to locate people lost in bush land
  • Students can compare maps determine shortest distance that needs to be traveled
  • Students can choose correct map for a specific purpose.

Maps are wonderful, amazing and exciting. “A map is a paradox in that physically it is mere marks on sheets of paper, yet visually it brings to mind a multidimensional ~world, containing objects and even emotions not perceived directly on the piece of paper”(Muehrcke & Muehrcke, 1974, p. 323).

Map for EDC
(Yalke Pictue, Smith, n.d.)
The Map
(Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings Picture, IGN, 2011)

Please click on Australian Curriculum which will provide in details of the requirements for Year 5 maths.


Middle Earth picture [Image] (2011). IGN Retrieved from http://lotrovault.ign.com/View.php?view=Maps.Detail&id=5

Muehrcke. P., & Muehrcke, J.O. (1974). The Geographical Review. LXIV(3) Retrieved from http://go.owu.edu/~jbkrygie/krygier_html/geog_222/geog_222_lo/maps_in_literature_muehrcke.pdf

Yalke picture [Image]. (n.d.).Smith, J. Central Art Aboriginal Art Store. Retrieved from http://www.aboriginalartstore.com.au/artists/june-smith/yalke-7/



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