ICT shortens the distance.

After reading a fascinating article about the School of the Air in Australia and how this school has now moved from the radio to a real time class room via web cameras is an enormous asset to students living in outback places within Australia.  ICT has shown how very valuable it is when connecting people around the world now it is used within Australia to connect students who were otherwise disadvantaged due to distance. Whilst the radio allowed students to be educated by incorporating the use of ICT, students are not only educated, they are connected to their peers and can now compete on a level playing field when via for university placements or other endeavours. Students are able to interact with other students and their teachers as if they were actually sitting in a classroom together even though the distance between each may be hundreds of kilometres away.

Please click here for further reading on the School of Air.


Australian Government. (n.d.). The school of the air and remote learning. Retrieved March 30, 2016, from http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/school-of-the-air


2 thoughts on “ICT shortens the distance.

  1. Interesting read Vicki, my little one was watching Playschool last week and they had a clip about School of the Air, it was really interesting seeing how it all comes together! I looked for that clip for you but I couldn’t find it!


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