Learning Experiences

Whilst trying to develop a unit of work for Assignment 2 and wading through many resources using ICT, I stumbled across New Teachers: Designing Learning Environments. The title caught my imagination and I soon realised that before I attempted my unit of work I should put some thought into how the classroom would look.

Was there a wet area? Was there enough room for students to work and move around the classroom without banging into things? Was there even enough power points in the classroom? How did the natural light fall into the classroom? Was there to much glare when looking at the white board?  All of these questions and many more started to flood my brain and this is where the article, New teachers: Designing Learning Environments help to ease the maze in my head.

After reading and viewing the information I was able to go back to my unit plan, use a critical perspective to review what I had already documented and start all over again. In doing so I now have been able to visualise the classroom and how students will interact with the classroom itself, their peers and guests.

My next port of call was to view other students blogs to see what I could come up with. Belinda had a wonderful page with lots of questions and ideas but nothing on how the classroom would run, so I have posted the url into Belinda’s blogs just for another point of view.

A fantastic place to start – especially for beginning teachers.


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