Drawing closer to the end

Why is it that as we learn and time goes by we slowly gain confidence in things we first thought near impossible to grasp. Learning about ICT and the embedding of it into the classroom has been a steep learning curve in which I thought I would never grasp. Throughout this course I have come to understand what students themselves must go through every time we, as teachers present a new topic to them. I wondered about boasting a students confidence in order for them to overcome the fears that go with learning something new when I stumbled across  Edutopia news 4 ideas on boasting student engagements.

Some of these ideas I found fascinating and felt they should be shared.

I also found Emily’s blog enjoyable as she also looks at the journey which we have traveled thus far.

Hope you enjoy.


Edutopia news. (2016). George Lucas Education Foundation. Retrieved May 1, 2016, from http://www.edutopia.org


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