Developing further

Firstly the issues and strategies which are available to support safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT are both in depth and widely available. The Australian Government has invested a large amount of time and money into advising schools, parents and students on how to remain safe in the digital world.  As I am doing my PE in a state school I have looked at the requirements both from the school and the Australian Curriculum website and learned that all documents are intricately interwoven.  Guided play with ICT, use of robotic toys and an understanding of online safety are what is required by the P – 2 year levels.

Is a bit hard to say what I am not ready to do as not knowing what the classroom dynamics are, or the level of ICT that is on hand at the school, or the capabilities of the individual students makes this questions a little hard to discuss.

If anything has change in my planning or thinking about planning is that after Tuesday I will know exactly what I need to do and the tools that I have to work with.


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