ICT on Prac

Today was extremely exciting not only for me but the students as well.  The school I was on prac at received a shipment of new Interactive White Boards (IWB) which just happen to be out of this world. The IWBs are not mounted on the wall they are on stands which move up and down and even lay flat in which students can all stand around the board to do wonderful things there is no more calibration or students cannot reach the screen.  There are multiple functions where up to ten students at any given time can move objects together.

One particular cool function was the Dojo app in which the whole class participates. Each student is given a little icon in which they can change, parents/caregivers can swap stories or give other information. Students can be given individual or group awards there are interactive games, hand writing lessons, math lesson, history, geography and art which just adds up to fun in teaching and learning.

After reading Jessica‘s blog on ICT I felt that the Dojo app for IWB is a wonderful teaching and learning tool.


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