ICT and competitions

Today I stumbled across a fantastic competition called Young ICT Explores where will I take you.  This competition is divided into two sections Junior school Year 3 to 6 and Senior school 7 to 12.  I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity in which to explore ICT at a much deeper level within the classroom.

Students would be exposed to different aspects of ICT, not just learning from it and through it but by actually creating it. By engaging students in this manner they gain an understanding of how important ICT is in today’s society and the many benefits that ICT encompasses. This type of engagement with ICT also allows for students to use higher order thinking in which to create their project. Carl states that “ICT formats enabled traditional representations of information to be presented in a means that was more visually stimulating, and rich in the type of information used to convey message to replace,enhance and transform learning”. Through entering competitions students not only gain an insight into their own level of knowledge but also how other students are thinking and interacting with ICT.

Don’t forget check out the competition of even look for others.

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