ICT and Multi-Modal Presentations

Yet another wonderful day on prac seeing ICT in the form a Multi-Modal Presentations which happen to come alive in the classroom.

Students using Digital storytelling through making short movies and utilizing Photo Story 3 students embark on the exciting journey of turning a very boring subject into one that is exciting and alive. Students have created their own version of how explorations occurred not only withing Australia but throughout the Asia Region.  When the students engaged on such a deep level their understanding grows.  This type of education using ICT allows for dead things to come alive and when they are alive the student not only engages but remembers. Students can animate, produce short stories and make comics which goes way past the old power point presentation.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with a PP utilizing the many other types of multi-modal presentations allows for creativity and higher order thinking.

In Ashley blog she states that we aren’t supposed to be teaching how to use ICT but I wonder how the students are going to learn if they are not taught!!


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